ICARO considers individual training its flagship, precisely to enhance the individuality of everyone. However, what makes ICARO different is that this individuality is developed in a fantastic and harmonious Team working, through theoretical and practical job-related activities, where you learn to relate to every life area and profession. The best perspective is thus obtained to orientate your Vision of the future.

ICARO’s training for PEOPLE is a tailor-made course for the person, because each of us has individual training needs and therefore needs an ad hoc program, created with the support of a trainer able to combine professional activities and transversal experiences, also in the context of groups and collective events.

The activities connected to your education or profession are also included with a relaunching or retraining view.


To give value to your personal abilities, which are often hidden.

Experience in nature, for example, in the agricultural environment and through demonstration projects of the redevelopment of the natural environment, the sharing of experiences, interpersonal communication and common spaces, in a multicultural and heterogeneous environment, make the person find and finally show personal qualities that did not think to possess.

The inner technology is the fulcrum of this new type of training, through which to discover and rediscover yourself and the professional and interpersonal relationship.


The location of ICARO training is the Centroanidra (,

which context is made up of common experiences of inspiration, motivation and self-motivation.

The Centroanidra is also not far from Chiavari, Santa Margherita, Portofino and Santo Stefano d’Aveto. This allows the participants of the ICARO program to discover the cultural and territorial diversity of Liguria.

The ICARO staff will be happy to help you for any question or problem. Contact us.