Inner Technologies: The Theory of Everything (everything contributes to train us) in the Development of Skills

A 2-day experiential seminar

Inner Technologies: The Theory of Everything (everything contributes to train us) in the Development of Skills
17 January 2019 Icaro -Webmaster


Ancient and authoritative traditions tell us that all people are potentially endowed with a special power, inherent in their being, which would be awakened by virtue of their experience of life, related to their human relationships.

The development of this power leads the individual to a state of new wisdom that enables him, through the activation and regulation of emotional experiences, to develop his full potential.


The goal of this course is to learn, analyze and learn how to use the main tools of inner technology.


The course is addressed to everybody without any difference.

Course organization and teaching methodology

The course develops in an integrated way, alternating moments of theoretical reflection with group work, individual exercises, simulations, etc. over two full-time days, from Thursday evening to Saturday early afternoon.It is a complete experience in which even the social moments (lunches and dinners, evening activities) have an educational value.

At the core of the method is the experience lived with the body, mind and emotions. What makes the experience effective is the particularly rich and articulated context in natural, cultural and relational elements.The keys are added to the context, given to orient the meaning by accompanying the expression of personal qualities that will gradually emerge.

The experience is really educational because produces the expansion and enrichment of the individual, leading him/her towards self-improvement and the acquisition of new skills.The environment, characterized by the presence of a plurality of opinions and different groups, that sometimes clash one another, facilitates the progressive development of the characteristics of the person.

The course will start on Thursday evening with a welcome dinner and will end on Saturday, after lunch, at 4 p.m.

Subject matter

The teaching units, duration of one hour, will focus on the following topics:

Friday Morning:

1- Emotions
2- The Theory of Mirrors
3- Different levels of observation
4- Exercises on observation capacity

Friday afternoon:

5- The 7 Essens’ mirrors
6- The solution of a mirror
7- Team work on mirrors
8- Nature experiences and relaxation

Saturday morning

9- Mirrors and interpersonal conflicts
10- Productive relations
11- Teamwork
12- The mirrors and the personality
13- Closure and conclusions of the course


No specific competence is required to take part in the course. However, to fully exploit this individual and collective experience, participants can read the text Giorgio Nardone – Pocket Strategic Problem Solving – edit. Ponte alla grazie, Mi – 2009.


The teaching staff is made up of all the staff of Icaro and of the Centroanidra in Borzonasca. In fact, every moment of life in the center will be an opportunity for reflection and learning. In particular, the “classroom” moments will be managed by Paolo Bendinelli, a teacher with long experience in training for adults, and personal and group training, by Bruno Banone and Piero De Luca.


The participation to the course costs 500€+IVA 22% plus the accommodation costs (2 days). These may vary from a minimum of 150€ to a maximum of 240€+IVA 10%, depending on the accommodation chosen with the secretariat.

Where and when it takes place

The course will take place at Centroanidra in Borzonasca, in Casali di Stibiveri.

What is Icaro

Icaro was born from Università Popolare Anidra with the purpose of creating a line of activities aimed at encouraging the meeting between education, vocational training, and the work world, creating also a fertile field of valid and useful opportunities for both young people and companies.

Università Popolare Anidra has a holistic view of education as it considers the person in the completeness of his/her being, for this it focuses the work on the whole field of experience: body, mind, emotions, relationships, nature, individual and team work.The belief that “being is more important than knowing” drives Anidra to consider training as a “place” of continuous learning where skills are measured and valued for a better expendability in working environments and everyday life.

Further information about Icaro, about Università Popolare Anidra and on the Anidra Wellness Center can be found by consulting the websites,

Contact persons

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