Marta’s internship

Marta’s internship
8 October 2020 ICARO - Fabio Nieddu

An experience at Centroanidra: Marta’s internship

My name is Marta. I am about to get my Bachelor’s degree in “Philosophy International Studies and Economics” from Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. I was informed about the opportunity to do an internship at Centroanidra thanks to the section dedicated to internships at my university.

marta internship icaro, anidra università popolare

My internship consisted in writing articles on Typical Agri-food Products of the various Italian regions. Specifically, my work included researching the products – using the TAP sheets on the regional sites – describing their properties, particularities, where to find them and, finally, giving advice on their possible use in the kitchen.

During this process I often consulted with my tutor as well as with the producers, so that I could always have reliable information to include in the sheets of the Enciclopedia dei Prodotti Tipici, edited by the Accademia delle 5t. The aim of this Encyclopedia is in fact to introduce as many consumers as possible to a world of eco-sustainable, environmentally friendly, but above all healthy and genuine products that we are unfortunately being forgotten over time.

I worked closely with the director of the Accademia and editor of the Encyclopedia, Guido Stecchi, who always helped me with the best care and courtesy. His long experience in the food and wine sector was essential to me and has taught me a lot.

I was also supervised by Giulia, secretary of the Università Anidra, who guided me through the moments when I didn’t know what to do with bureaucratic matters, which were always a bit tricky.

This internship with the Università Popolare Anidra and the Accademia 5t was an extremely inspiring experience that introduced me to areas of study to which I did not pay enough attention to. The lessons of “Inner Tech”, with Prof. Vincenzo Paolo Bendinelli, in particular, have always been very interesting and helped me to reflect on aspects of myself that I was neglecting too much.

I would recommend Centroanidra very much, even in this period when the only way to work is working-from-home, because you never feel left aside but, on the contrary, you always feel considered. I will keep this experience in my heart.

By Marta Armigliato

marta internship icaro, anidra università popolare


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