Kevin’s Internship

Kevin’s Internship
5 August 2020 ICARO - Fabio Nieddu

Kevin’s Internship at Centroanidra


My name is Kevin, I am attending a Master’s degree at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, and more precisely I am studying Advertising, Digital Communication and Enterprise Creativity. I found out about this internship opportunity through the placement that my university held from 20 to 21 May. I started my internship remotely on June 11 and finished it on July 11.

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Initially, I created a digital marketing strategy related to the activity of the Anidra Università Popolare, namely Ei-Point Unimercatorum. The first week I formulated a data analysis and then created content on Facebook, while the last week of internship we analyzed the data.

Having been a remote experience, I virtually met Giulia, the student area manager, Roberta, the social media manager, and the president and professor Paolo Bendinelli. Everyone was very present. Giulia helped me a lot on the technical aspects.

Furthermore, I attended regular meetings on the Anidra e-learning platform and on Facebook, which where extracurricular paths regarding the world of Centroanidra.

I can claim that this internship was a positive and educational experience. Beyond Centroanidra as a first approach to work, the smart working mode set me limits regarding contact with colleagues, but it gave me greater autonomy in managing myself.

Working in contact with this reality helped me to develop my creativity. Moreover, thanks to the tips provided by copywriter, I had the chance to improve the contents which I created.

Among the pros of this experience, I underline the fact that I managed myself independently, while as for cons, despite the constant availability of the team, I found a lack in social contact due to physical distance.

Having said that, I would recommend an internship at the Centroanidra because it is a different experience. In addition to the work aspect, goals and skills, Centroanidra gave me the chance to follow a double path by attending Inner Tech classes and Facebook live, which were optional but very interesting.


By Elisa Zagaria

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