Fabrizio’s Internship

Fabrizio’s Internship
4 August 2020 ICARO - Fabio Nieddu

Fabrizio’s experience at Centroanidra


My name is Fabrizio, I am attending the Agricultural Sciences course at the University of Udine. I knew Centroanidra via the UNIUD website, where they promoted the internship proposal.

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My primary job was to acquire some autonomy and responsibility by working in the gardens of Centroanidra and treat oregano plants.

Secondly, I took care of an oregano research: how to grow and how to maintain the oregano plants, and the packaging of sale.

The relationship with Tobias and Giovanni tutors was very positive from the beginning. Both trusted me, gave me freedom in management and sometimes commissioned me to coordinate the work of my colleagues.

Having done the internship on site, I had the opportunity to meet the team personally. Since the day was dedicated to work, we mainly met during lunch and dinner.

Giulia, the student area manager, made me feel at home and entrusted me with some tasks regarding the daily activities to do at the center.

Thanks to this experience I gained more confidence in myself, more knowledge of what the center cultivates (syrup roses, oregano), autonomy and spirit of adaptation.

I put into practice what I already knew, I experienced it on the field, but I also learned new things, such as picking roses and cooking for 20 people.

Among the pros of this internship I highlight the fact that I had the opportunity to work independently, but also in a group. In previous experiences I had always worked individually, while Centroanidra allowed me to experience the working team. I have therefore learned to feel part of a group.

As for the cons, despite the team being very present and helpful, I have sometimes noticed lack of communication.

Finally, I would recommend an internship at Centroanidra because it is a different experience than usual. The team that characterizes this reality is made of non-ordinary people who are worth knowing. In addition to this, Centroanidra is characterized by a good group spirit, autonomy in management and adaptation spirit.


By Elisa Zagaria

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