Anna Sofia’s Internship

Anna Sofia’s Internship
31 January 2021 Icaro Admin

An Experience at Centroanidra:
Anna Sofia’s Internship


My name is Anna Sofia Zanada and I recently obtained the master’s degree in Government and Policies, Communication and New Media at LUISS Guido Carli in Rome. Soon before graduating, my supervisor offered me a scholarship for an Executive Master in Politics and Digital Technologies created by the collaboration between LUISS School of Government and Facebook, which I’m currently attending.

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My interests are focused on comunication, especially the political one, and on development of digital technologies, as well as on the relationship they established with our society and our ruling class, changing dynamics and balances.

Even before discussing my thesis, I was looking for an internship having some simple characteristics: a short term, in smart working modality, related to the field of communication. My goal was having a full immersion, allowing me not to stay out of the job market as soon as I had obtained the title and living me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in some specific areas, such as social network and advertising, extremely adaptable for the future, which I’m sure will need an even more active and dynamic presence on digital platforms.

So when I read about the opportunity given by Centroanidra on the Career Center of LUISS I sent my application without thinking twice. The meeting was held on Skype and Prof. Siffu, who would have become my tutor, explained to me their offer: runnig the LinkedIn and Facebook page of ICARO. Of course, the challenge was interesting, since altough I had some experince in the management of Facebook pages, on LinkedIn I was just running my personal profile. Despite that I willingly accepted the positioned they offered, sure that the working environment and my tutor would have encouraged me to constantly improve my publications and the quality of the management of the pages.

The first step of my adventure was to learn more about the world of Anidra. I confess I had some problems in fully understanding the topics and the ideas upon which the philosophy of the organisation is based. That’s why I read a lot, on official websites and others, trying to figure out the characteristics of this place.

I wrote a Vademecum for the LinkedIn page, where I summed up the correct practices of this social media, the general contents we could have published (a sort of synthesis of what I had learned in my initial research) and some guiding lines for the reading of analytic data. From that moment, my publication started!

In addition to the creation and preparation of the social media posts, I also took care of the creation of the graphics and the translation of some articles on  La Voce di ICARO from Italian to English and I wrote an article myself. In this way, I was able to employ part of my knowledge and abilities, acquired during my university carrier and through other ways, in something concrete. I proved myself with different new programs and I learned more about the usage of others I already knew (Canva, PostPicr, iMovie). The biggest difficulty? Put the logos on the videos! Probably because of a poor matching between my computer e the video-making program, I had to work hard in order to fix the logos on the video and prevent them from floating across the screen.

Always supported by my available and kind tutor Giulia, I found a social, serious and well-structured workplace, where in spite of the distance, you are taken care of, constructively criticized and advised. I have seen the positive results also by observing the analytic data of the ICARO page on LinkedIn: thanks to my work, the levels of engagement started to rise up!

The lessons of Inner Tech held by Prof. Paolo Bendinelli, Writing Lecture held by Prof. Fabio Nieddu and Open Digital, organized by Prof. Giulia Siffu, completed this wonderful and important experience. From everyone of this meeting, I learned a lot: Inner Tech helped me to stop and looking around, Scrittura Lecture reconnected me to my passion for creative writing and Open Digital promoted the debate on topics dear to me, with trained people having a different perspective other than mine on current events. I will try to bring in my future experiences this feeling of lightness I felt opening my mind on the teachings of Inner Tech and Scrittura Lecture, the determination with which I proposed contents and graphics I created, the patience I invested in learning to use new programs.

How can I sum up this internship? A 360° degrees experience, short but intense, that I would suggest in the vocational training and personal growing of everyone, in order to open heart, mind and brain!

Edited by Anna Sofia Zanada

anna sofia zanada, tirocinio icaro, anidra università popolare, tirocinio smart working


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