Ilenia Spallina’s Internship

Ilenia Spallina’s Internship
31 January 2021 Icaro Admin

An Experience at Centroanidra:
Ilenia Spallina’s Internship

My name is Ilenia Spallina, I’m 25 years old and I live in Sicily, but I study at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, where I’m about to complete my master’s degree in Management and Business Communication.

I’m a very sunny girl. I am children’s entertainer from 8 years. I love travelling, cooking, and during my internship at Centroanidra, the colorful flowers and the unspoiled landscapes reawakened my passion for photography.

After a 2 months research, thanks to the Almalaurea platform, I managed to find the internship fit for me! Despite the difficult period difficult moment, my priority was to perform a face-to-face curricular apprenticeship. I like to fully live what I do, and the idea of performing a training experience behind a screen didn’t excite me at all. Thanks to Università Popolare Anidra, all this became possible. Right after a meeting with my tutor Giulia Siffu and the confirmation email, I found myself on a flight Catania-Genova, ready to fully live this 390 degrees experience.

The added value to this apprenticeship in Community Manager at Università Popolare Anidra was exactly this, Living an Experience with the capital “E”, living it personally together with all the members and volunteers of Centroandra. Living in contact with the uncontaminated nature, the eco village, sharing thoughts, traditions, values and everything guiding this big family are aspects that only those who have lived the place could really understand.

This journey lasted just a month and allowed me to explore different sides of the working world and not only that. In particular it was:

A journey through myself. Thanks to the weekly life pills of the President of Università Popolare Anidra, Paolo Bendinelli. I learned that people always have to “experiment other levels of perfection” and that the change must start from ourselves. A journey to discover holistic disciplines. A new world completely alien to me and my lifestyle. Thanks to the weekly lessons of Valentina Mura, I was able to practice different disciplines including TaiJi, Yoga, Martial Art, Meditation and Kenjitsu. I have been particularly impressed by Taiji, the elegance and softness of its movements hiding a complex discipline, where every move has a deep meaning. I will always take with me the positive and embracing energy of our lessons! A journey of professional growth. Thanks to the teachings of Giulia Siffu I learned “to think big”. I deepened my knowledge in Digital Marketing and I had the opportunity to experiment the tasks of a Community Manager:

    • Ideation, creation and programming of a new Social Media Marketing Strategy;
    • Creation and programming of an Editorial Plan;
    • Creation and programming of multimedia content for Facebook and Instagram, through Canva and Creator Studio of Facebook.

Moreover, with the weekly lessons of Fabio Nieddu in Writing Lecture, I tried to improve my writing. Specifically, I increased awareness in how to write an online article, create a Buyer Persona, create a landing page and do a professional presentation my ourself.

A sharing journey I shares my passion for cooking bringing a bit of Sicily on table. Thanks to Antonella Tarditi, Francesca Cambi and Claudia Valente I took part in the project Home Schooling” and I shared with them my knowledge in the children’s entertaining field developed during my years of touristic entertainment. In addition, I thank all the Friends I met who shared with me part of their life and who welcomed me right away warmly. A journeys of new discoveries. Thanks to my determination, I always proved myself and I took part to all the activities of Centroanidra. I contributed to the harvest and processing of the rosehip, thanks to the teachings of Michela Alessi. I was part of the Staff of the room services and cleaning and I experimented in the kitchen, supported by “Chef “Nicola Petretto. I learned the importance of soft skills, especially I discovered to be able to do more tasks at the same time, to have a good inclination to teamworking, a strong spirit of initiative and lateral thinking.

It has been a short journey, but intense, full of emotions, but most of all a personal journey. Thanks to everyone who believed in me since the beginning and gave me this wonderful opportunity.

I suggest everyone to Live this Experience because only by living it they could understand!

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