Emma’s Internship

Emma’s Internship
31 January 2021 Icaro Admin

An Experience at Centroanidra:
Emma’s Internship

My name is Emma, I’m 22 years old and I graduated last year at the Accademia d’Arte Drammatica in Rome. Until a short time ago, I was in a moment of “stalemate” in which I didn’t know exactly what to do, and I felt like I had no more ambition in life, never would I have thought of changing my perspective in such a short time.

Last month I decided to undertake the bachelor’s degree course in “Comunication and Multimedia” provided by Universitas Mercatorum, in order to be able to study in depth the communication field in which I have always been interested.

Thanks to Dr. Paola Doratutor of ICARO, I became aware of the possibility of carrying out my apprenticeship at Università Popolare Anidra, in smart working mode due to the Covid emergency.

So, I decided to attende the first lesson of Inner Tech, held by the Professor and Scientific Manager of ICARO Paolo Bendinelli. His lessons thought me to have a bigger attention on myself and consequently to know myself better.

Later, thanks to Giulia and Fabio, I acquired skills in digital marketing, social media management and web content writing. They stayed beside me during all the path, helping me and encouraging me to improve my work.

Moreover, Anna and Ilenia other two interns and me, formed a close-knit team to write a marketing strategy. Thanks to this, I understood the importance of teamworking, both professionally and humanly speaking.

I consider this internship extremely precious to me, it made me come out of my comfort zone making me discover a new world and making me understand the way I would like to continue until I reach my point.

Finally, I thank the whole ICARO team for believing in me before I did, for receiving welcome and warmth even behind a screen and making me feel part of the project created with passion and dedication.

I will always bring all of you with me.

Edited by Emma Bertelli.

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