Elia’s Internship

Elia’s Internship
26 July 2020 ICARO - Fabio Nieddu

Elia’s Experience at Centroanidra


My name is Elia De Fezza, I am 32 years old and I came to know Centroanidra thanks to the interuniversity service Almalaurea.

The internship position required concerned a Community Manager. I decided to apply because I was attracted by the job offer and I was convinced that this experience would improve my job training.

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My current tasks are varied and stimulating, and the internship is provided in a “smart working” modality. The main functions are:

devising strategies and designing campaigns that help the Anidra holistic training Web Community TV maintain and improve its reputation and reliability;

monitoring the media coverage and using different communication and social media channels to promote the image and brand;

assisting in the development and execution of all marketing and advertising strategies;

tracking users’ interactions, comments and shares;

collecting feedback from participants and identifying opportunities for collaboration with influential partners in the sector.

This internship success is not only defined by the kind of tasks performed, but also by the connection that identifies our team.

In fact, Centroanidra’s staff is characterized by a link which goes beyond the working relationship and embraces a true friendship. This is the engine that enables me to work comfortably and confidently.

Talking about the team, Giulia, the students’ coordinator, has proved to be precise, organized and very kind. Moreover, she has directed me toward my role.

Paolo Bendinelli, Anidra Università Popolare’s president and founding member, is able to listen to people and give very good advice.

I also have the pleasure to cooperate with some dynamic trainees I get along well with: Sara, Elisa, Francesca and Valeria.

Although my internship is not yet over, I feel I can express a positive opinion and claim that Centroanidra has been a very enriched experience for me.

Indeed, thanks to this internship I got used to new training methods which are dynamic and interesting.

I deepened issues that I did not know, I figured out how to work in a team efficiently, and I learnt to learn.

Furthermore, I acquired practical skills such as creating a basic graphic design, deepening the social media use, writing efficient Facebook posts, and building an online contact with the users.

Since my internship is provided in smart working, I learnt how to organize myself independently.

Working autonomously is gratifying if you are passionate and you know how to manage it.

If I were asked to highlight pros and cons, I would say that I miss the physical knowledge of the firm and of the staff. In fact, the Covid emergency prevented this aspect.

However, the pros are much more: self-organization, a very good relationship with the team, flexible working hours, and stimulating issues.

To conclude, I suggest you do an internship at Centroanidra because it could help you to deepen unknown fields or fields in which you believe to have sufficient knowledge.

Centroanidra means going beyond the obvious visual evidence, always.


By Elisa Zagaria

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