The importance of motivation

The importance of motivation
16 October 2020 ICARO - Fabio Nieddu

Motivation: from caterpillar to butterfly

Have you ever seen the short film “The Butterfly Circus”? If the answer is no, we strongly advise you to do so, especially when you feel unmotivated.

But what exactly is motivation? As taught at the Inner Tech course, held by Paolo Bendinelli, president of the Università Popolare Anidra, motivation is one of the main transversal skills useful for the person to achieve better results.

In this short film the protagonist, Will, finds himself facing a particularly difficult situation due to a physical handicap, not finding his place in the world. For this reason, he looks for his inner motivation, but won’t be able to find it until he meets the owner of the Butterfly Circus. Thanks to this man, he will discover his talent and will also be appreciated by others.

la motivazione da bruco a farfalla, icaro, motivazione

Will, in the middle, the character of short film

In the Icaro method we think of motivation in two directions: internal and external.

External motivation is based on a goal outside of us, for which we move through models. Until we reach these models, we do not allow ourselves to be happy. This is also demonstrated to us by the protagonist of the short film, who, as long as he continues to compare himself with others (his reference models), cannot reach happiness.

On the other hand, if we stop chasing models and allow ourselves to be guided by a feeling, a constant emotional state over time, we will be able to achieve internal motivation.  It allows us to be happy simply because we are alive. The feeling gives meaning to internal motivation and is what drives us to reach it.

The feeling lasts over time and is more powerful than a simple emotion. Unexpected or negative events will not be enough to scratch it. In fact, the protagonist of the short film manages to motivate himself and understand what his internal motivation is, only when he finds a meaning to his existence.

What do you do when you feel unmotivated? It is often difficult to regain energy and motivation when we lose it. Maybe there are those who watch motivational videos, those who binge on chocolate, venting to the outside, because there was a lack of internal motivation from the beginning.

Here are some tips for you:

1. We should learn to listen to ourselves, trying to train ourselves 360°. We can do this by dedicating ourselves to activities such as meditation or other holistic disciplines. This allows us to distance ourselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, allowing ourselves to get to know each other and to understand the meaning of our true inner motivation.

2. Motivational videos are definitely a good starting point. We recommend this speech. In the video, the narrator’s voice acts as a motivator and encourages you to face your failures and improve. Have you ever perceived failures from this perspective? Is it really what we think, that influences what we can achieve?

3. There are no shortcuts. Achieving internal motivation is a path that requires effort, because self-knowledge presents obstacles. Constancy is therefore, together with perseverance, a skill to be trained over time. Even finishing a simple course requires constant commitment and helps us to train these characteristics.

This path of inner understanding will allow us to reach a certain awareness and become masters of our sensations, always preferring the feeling that guides us, and not the emotions that are just passing by.

Remember that

A journey of a thousand miles, always begins with a first step.

(Lao Tzu).

Find the courage to start and enjoy the journey of self-knowledge!

By Marcella Palladino & Carolina Giannessi

Marcella, Carolina, tirocinio Icaro


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