Does the Ideal Workplace Exist?

Does the Ideal Workplace Exist?
6 March 2020 ICARO - Fabio Nieddu

Does the Ideal Workplace Exist?

I will tell you a secret: the ideal workplace does not exist and it is not just others who are wrong

If you are one of those who curse the alarm clock in the morning and go to the office only out of a sense of duty and need to earn a salary trust me, you are not alone!

There are many of us who have difficulties in serenely spending long hours in the office. This can wear us out, but to earn the daily bread we need to find a solution together to get through it. Believe me, you can do it, in fact you have already done it!

Let’s go back to our starting postulates: the first is that the ideal workplace, made up of nice colleagues, stimulating and understanding leaders, in which we are continually praised and rewarded for our indispensable and irreplaceable work, does not exist in this world; the second is that before pointing an accusing finger at the colleague who appears to be an enemy and identifying the boss as the cause of all our sufferings we should question ourselves.

Let’s stop for a moment and ask ourselves: are we sure that all colleagues and managers are just a mass of morons?

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If we always have a bleak view of things and we can’t get along with anyone (or almost), it is very likely that the problem is ours and the hostility we perceive is a reflection of our negativity or lack of availability that. When we feel uncomfortable in certain situations, a basic automatism leads us to blame others and forget to evaluate our behavior.

Having said that: let’s get started! Let’s make an effort to observe ourselves and observe the situation from the outside, only in this way we have the opportunity to discover that our attitude towards others could be (even unintentionally) unkind and not very affable.

However, even if it were true that there is really an oppressive atmosphere in our office, why should we just complain about it?

One of the aspects that is most neglected, since it involves a real assumption of responsibility, is that what we live and experience is the result of our relational and emotional investments. If the work environment is not relaxed for the most varied reasons, we could try to change the emotions within us, accepting how we feel and trying to “revamp” our environment positively.

It is good to remember that when we accept a job, we must be ready to complete the tasks assigned to us, but above all, we must commit ourselves to managing relationships and emotions of various kinds and intensities. We therefore have the possibility not to react, but to Act, for example by being proactive. Our positivity could infect colleagues and bring peace to the company.

Finally, let’s try not to stress ourselves without a valid reason: the possibility of finding good friends in the office exists, as long as you are willing! Let’s try to find a recipe to relate to everyone and focus on what to do.

Team building activities are the winning key of many companies. Team building can strengthen relationships and improve communication between groups thus increasing productivity.

There are numerous team building proposals, from the company aperitif to the Masterchef competition in the company, choose one or choose them all!

ICARO’s team building proposal includes INNNER TECHNOLOGIES, MEDITATION, TAI JI QUAN, YOGA, OUTDOOR WORKOUT in a totally natural location in which you can observe yourself and observe your colleagues under another light.

As usual, I leave you with a quote from the ICARO trainer Paolo Bendinelli

“We are the result of our relationships’ system”

Time to work!


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Data: 06.03.2020
AutoreGiulia Siffu, HR at the Università Popolare Anidra

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