Creative and Positive Communication

A 2-day experiential seminar

Creative and Positive Communication
27 April 2018 Icaro -Webmaster


Communication is the activity with which each individual relates to the outside world, objects, structures, people. It is often a “two way” activity because while sending signals to the outside, others are received at the same time, and these can modify the contents and the ways we communicate. It is also an activity that goes through very different tools and methods, some under control (writing, verbal communication, look, etc.) and others that are unconscious or not easily managed (emotions, body communication, etc.).

Therefore, it becomes very useful to analyze together the main communication tools at our disposal in order to understand how to use them in the best way, keep them under control, increase their effectiveness also in relation with the objectives we want to achieve.


The aim of the course is to examine the communication processes available for each of us and to evaluate how to use them in the best way, adapting them to the different situations and objectives that we set ourselves.

Some of these processes, in particular non-verbal ones, will be examined from a social point of view and will be the subject of specific sessions for their more effective and conscious use.

To whom is it addressed?

The course is addressed to managers and professionals who perform a relationship activity at different levels (individual / group, in presence / distance, operational / strategic) and therefore must adopt flexible communication styles adapted to the different situations.

Course organization and teaching methodology

The course develops in an integrated way, alternating moments of theoretical reflection with group work, individual exercises, simulations, etc. over two full-time days, from Thursday evening to Saturday early afternoon. It is a complete experience in which even the social moments (lunches and dinners, evening activities) have a formative value.

The course will start on Thursday evening with a welcome dinner and will end on Saturday, after lunch, at 4 pm.

Subjects debated

The teaching units, appropriately interposed with moments of socialization and individual reflection, will focus on the following topics:

  • How to express one’s opinions in a clear and persuasive way, how to be convincing and how to appeal to the right people and examples both inside and outside the organization.
  • Communication strategy connected to the role played and building valuable relationships with people.
  • Know how to better communicate: the in-depth knowledge of one’s own personal values, allows them to be transmitted during interactions with other people, inspiring trust in their partners and helping to establish effective working relationships.
  • Johari’s model
  • To expose the message clearly and to be sure it has been understood: the feedback.
  • Communication through all the senses: listening, eyesight, touch.
  • Tools and methods that can be used to create the best conditions for an effective communication, in order to be on the same wavelength of the interlocutor and to listen effectively, being able to express their ideas.
  • Creative techniques to produce ideas and communicate them effectively: freewheeling (free wheel reasoning), brainstorming, mental maps and six hats for thinking.
  • Web communication, today.


No specific competence is required to take part in the course. However, to fully exploit this individual and collective experience, participants can read the text: Joseph Luft – Psychology and Communication Isedi – 1975


The teaching staff is made up of all the staff of Icaro and of the Centroanidra present in Borzonasca. In fact, all the moments of life at the center will be an opportunity for reflection and learning. In particular, the “classroom” moments will be managed by Paolo Bendinelli, a teacher with long experience in training with adults and personal and group training, by Bruno Banone and Piero De Luca.


Participation in the course varies depending on the type of logistical arrangement chosen and must be defined with the organizational secretariat.

Where does it take place?

The course will take place at the Centroanidra of Borzonasca, in the locality of Casali di Stibiveri.

The dates scheduled for 2019 are to be defined.

What is Icaro?

Icaro was born from the Anidra Popular University with the purpose of creating a line of activities aimed at encouraging the meeting between education, vocational training, and the world of work, creating also a fertile field of valid and useful opportunities for both young people and companies.

UNIVERSITÀ POPOLARE ANIDRA has a holistic view of education as it considers the person in the completeness of his being, for this it focuses on work on the whole field of experience: body, mind, emotions, relationships, nature, individual and team work. The belief that “being is more important than knowing” drives Anidra to consider training as a “place” of continuous learning where skills are measured and valued for a better expendability in working environments and everyday life.

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