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Internship Cooperation and Advanced program Ready for Opportunity

ICARO is a program of the Università Popolare Anidra which aims to promote the meeting between Education, Vocational Training, and the working environment.

It’s a new perspective on vocational training that facilitates real professional and personal growth thanks to its particular focus on the acquisition of transversal skills (emotional, cognitive, organizational); the skills that turn out to be most useful in professional life.

In order to do this, ICARO has a holistic view of the individual, which takes into account the being as a whole, and highlights how Being is much more important than Knowing.

All types of experiences thus become a place for continuous learning, where skills are measured and enhanced, so that they may be more useful both in work contexts and in everyday life.

This is the principle of the Anidra Method, that works on Body, Mind, Emotions, Relationships and Nature, through both individual and team work, and that has been training students, teachers, and workers for years building, above all, People


Professionals coming from various fields of work who, thanks to their uncommon skills, have already achieved, or are implementing, highly respected professional courses.
Our team is made up of these special people, who are primarily recognized for one thing: their passion.